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Re: Favorite Paleotrivia?

Furthemore, isn't it debatable as to whether
_Ekgmowechashala_ is a primate or a stem-primate?

It's an omomyid, right? That makes debatable whether it's a stem- or a crown haplorhine, but it is a crown primate, right?

The story behind the name "Neanderthal" is kind of fun, too. (The
valley is named after Joachim Neander, whose last name is Greek for
"new man", being a Hellenization of the German surname "Neumann",
meaning the same. So, by sheer coincidence, "Neanderthal" means
"valley of the new man".)

Yes, and drop the pointless h already. That was done in 1901 when the German language got a unified orthography for the first time.

(This th business seems to have been another attempt at making German look more like Greek. In terms of pronunciation, etymology, grammar, anything you can think of, it really was pointless.)