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SV: Favorite Paleotrivia?

That piece about the certain ape reminds me of a paragraph in the
classic Lane Guide to Birding in Florida. In the species list at the
back (which includes mammals) it says under Homo sapiens:

"Introduced at St Augustin and still spreading"

Tommy Tyrberg 


Not only is a certain ape species doing very well here, but there are
also plenty of platyrrhines in Central America, which, although people
tend to forget, is part of North America. There is also an introduced
population of rhesus macaques in Florida. Furthemore, isn't it
debatable as to whether _Ekgmowechashala_ is a primate or a

You could say it was the last known Nearctic pre-human member of the
primate total group, but that's almost as much of a mouthful as its