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Re: Long-necked stegosaur, head tail mimicry?

Mike Taylor wrote:

> I'm not going to get sucked into this.  

That sounds a little ominous.  It's a discussion of phylogenetic taxonomy, 
Mike; not the Mafia.  ;-)  

> Happily, Upchurch and Wilson agree with me.

Ah well.  Looks like its fairwell Euhelopodidae then.  :-(

> As does Barosaurus -- see McIntosh's (2005) article in
> Thunder Lizards.

Yep, thanks; David M. pointed out _Barosaurus_ as well.  15 cervical and 10 
dorsal vertebrae are standard for diplodocids (Wilson 2005), but (among known 
diplodocids) _Barosaurus_ is exceptional in having 16 cervical and 9 dorsal 
vertebrae (your McIntosh ref).