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RE: Edmontosaurus collection returned to Standing Rock Sioux

Sloppy reporting of the worse kind!  What exactly was an archaeology
department doing with 14,000 dinosaur bones?

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Subject: Edmontosaurus collection returned to Standing Rock Sioux 

Dan Chure writes:
 > The Concordian College collection of Edmontosaurus bones, number nearly 
 > 14,100 elements, has been returned to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of 
 > South Dakota.  Details can be read at:
 > http://www.livewiredj.net/concordian/pacercms/article.php?id=718

What a travesty.  I wonder how many of the kinds who volunteered in
this effort are never going to do so again.

> "We found out that you can't just go by their word," Nellermoe said. 

There's a world of bitterness wrapped up in that quote.

Let's hope the Sioux tribe's palaeontologists get publishing on this
material quickly, then.

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