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Concordia College & Edmontosaurus

The stuff about "archeology" in the news story is probably the journalist's
fault: as far as I can tell after a brief troll through the college
WWWebsite, Concordia doesn't have an archeology department (though they do
teach a bit of "classical archeology" and could probably get an interested
student an internship digging Greek or Roman sites: the college seems to be
big on fieldwork).  The Professor Nellermoe mentioned in the news story is
in the Biology department and also head of the (too small to be a
department?) Earth Sciences program.

The college is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, but colleges
in America with church affiliations have all levels of scholarly and
scientific seriousness.  (The website suggests that the college takes its
Lutheranism seriously and tries to foster its students' spiritual life, but
also -- on the page about its Lutheranity -- says that students of "all
religions and none" are welcome.)  I don't see how the college's Lutheran
affiliation can be seen as explaining the situation.

The moral about getting WRITTEN permission before collecting fossils seems
to be a good one.

Allen Hazen
Philosophy Department
University of Melbourne