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[Randall B Irmis: RE: Concordia College]

Forwarded on behalf of Randy Irmis.

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From: Randall B Irmis <irmis@UMNH.utah.edu>
To: Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>
Subject: Concordia College
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 16:21:31 -0600

I was reading through the DML archives and noticed the thread on Concordia =
College returning Edmontosaurus fossils to the Sioux tribe.

Someone mentioned that the college is affiliated with the ELCA (Evangelical=
 Lutheran Church of America), implying that these folks must be creationist=
s.  Is there any chance you could post something to correct this?  The ELCA=
 is one of the most moderate Christian groups in the US - and in fact is wa=
y more liberal than the other Lutheran division, known as the Missouri Syno=
d.  Even though "evangelical" is in their title, the ELCA is not composed o=
f "evangelical christians" as used in modern terminology (i.e., fundamental=
ist christians who commonly subscribe to creationism).  The ELCA does not h=
ave an official statement on evolution, but the church certainly has no pro=
blem with it (see http://archive.elca.org/questions/Results.asp?recid=3D4),=
 and has discussed evolution in a positive light in church publications.

Insinuating this kind of misinformation does a disservice to science, and i=
s no better than many creationist tactics.

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