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dinosaur formation queries

GSP1954@aol.com writes:
 > I am having trouble pinning down the exact formation the type
 > specimens of the following are found in ?
 > Argentiosaurus

[Assuming this is a typo for Argentinosaurus], it's from the Huincul
Member of the Río Limay Formation, Province of Neuquén (Bonaparte and
Coria 1993:271)

        Bonaparte, Jose F., and R. A. Coria.  1993.  Un nuevo y
        gigantesco sauropodo titanosaurio de la Formacion Rio Limay
        (Albiano- Cenomaniano) de la Provincia de Neuquen, Argentina.
        Ameghiniana 30 (3): 271-282.

(Actually, the answer is right there in the title :-)

 > Gigantosaurus (Candeleros?)

Isn't this some kind of stinkin' theropod?

 > Limaysaurus (Candeleros?)

"Approximately 5 km South-west of El Chocon locality, Neuquén
Province, Patagonia, Argentina.  Top of the Candeleros Member
(MUCPv-205 and 206) and base of the Huincul Member (MUCPv-153) of the
Rio Limay Formation, Neuquén Group.  Albian-Cenomnanian, Middle
Cretaceous." (Calvo and Salgado 1995:15)

        Calvo, J. O. & Salgado, L. 1995. _Rebbachisaurus tessonei_
        sp. nov. a new Sauropoda from the Albian-Cenomanian of
        Argentina; new evidence on the origin of the Diplodocidae.
        _Gaia_ 11, 13-33.

Hope this helps.

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