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Re: dinosaur formation queries

the information is clear for those taxa, although I pass from Scutelloss.
Check the spelling in the taxa you asked for. They are a little bit different:

Argentinosaurus huinculensis: Huincul Formation (Turonian), RÃo Limay 
Subgroup, Neuquen Group.
Giganotosaurus carolinii: Candeleros Formation (Upper Cenomanian-Early 
Turonian), RÃo Limay Subgroup, Neuquen Group
Limaysaurus tessonei: Candeleros Formation (Upper Cenomanian-Early Turonian), 
RÃo Limay Subgroup, Neuquen Group (there is another Limaysaurus from a 
different locality and age assigned by Salgado, Garrido, Cocca and Cocca et 
al., but probably is a different species) from Cerro LeÃn (Lohan Cura 

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Asunto: dinosaur formation queries

I am having trouble pinning down the exact formation the type specimens of 
the following are found in â

Gigantosaurus (Candeleros?)
Limaysaurus (Candeleros?)

And what level of the Kayenta Formation is the type Scutellosaurus from?

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