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Dinosaur formations and time.

Hello to all, I want  to know all mesozoic formation and the age...please help 
me to complet the list:
Jagua Formation ... Oxfordian - Cuba
Denver Formation 
Frenchman Formation 
Hell Creek Formation 
Lance Formation 
Laramie Formation 
Scollard Formation
Adamantina Formation 
Allen Formation 
Anacleto Formation 
Baharija Formation 
Bajo Barreal Formation 
Bajo de la Carpa Formation 
Bauru Group 
Bayan Shireh Formation
Candeleros Formation 
Cerro Lisandro Formation 
Demopolis Chalk Formation 
Gosau Formation 
Huincul Formation 
Iren Dabasu Formation 
Lameta Formation 
Maevarano Formation 
Malargüe Group 
Mooreville Chalk Formation 
Nemegt Formation
Neuquén Group 
Plottier Formation 
Portezuelo Formation 
Santa Marta Formation 
Udurchukan Formation
Sânpetru Formation 
St. Mary Formation 
Horseshoe Canyon Formation 
Snow Hill Island Formation 
Kirtland Formation 
Two Medicine Formation 
Oldman Formation 
Barun Goyot Formation 
Dinosaur Park Formation 
Judith River Formation
Aguja Formation 
Kaiparowits Formation
Djadochta Formation 
Csehbánya Formation 
Milk River Formation
Niobrara Chalk 
Dakota Formation 
Paw Paw Formation 
Glen Rose Formation 
Cloverly Formation 
Jiufotang Formation
Cedar Mountain Formation
Yixian Formation 
Allaru Formation 
Antlers Formation 
Arundel Clay 
"Continental intercalaire" 
Dashuigou Formation 
Eijnhoro Formation 
Erlhaz Formation 
Hastings Beds 
Khukhtek Formation  
Kitadani Formation 
La Amarga Formation 
Lohan Cura Formation 
Santana Formation 
Sao Khua Formation 
Tegana Formation 
Tuchengzi Formation 
Tugulu Group 
Ulansuhai Formation 
Weald Clay 
Wealden Group 
Wessex Formation 
Winton Formation 
Wonthaggi Formation 
Xinminbao Group
Purbeck Beds 
Camadas de Alcobaça 
Kimmeridge Clay 
Shishugou Formation 
Solnhofen limestone 
Tendaguru Formation 
Unidade Amoreira-Porto Novo
Purbeck Beds
Morrison Formation
Cañadon Asfalto Formation 
Dashanpu Formation 
Oxford Clay 
Wucaiwan Formation 
Daohugou Beds 
Clarens Formation 
Forest Sandstone 
Kayenta Formation 
Kota Formation 
Blue Lias Formation 
Lower Lufeng Series 
Navajo Sandstone 
Portland Formation 
Upper Karoo Sandstone Formation 
Vulcanodon Beds
Mount Kirkpatrick Formation 
Elliot Formation 
Newark Supergroup 
Argana Formation 
Bushveld Sandstone Formation 
Caturrita Formation 
Chinle Formation 
Cooper Canyon Formation 
Feuerletten Formation 
Fleming Fjord Formation 
Gres a Avicula contorta 
Gres a reptiles 
Gres de l'Infralias 
Heiberg Formation 
Ischigualasto Formation 
Laguna Colorada Formation 
Los Colorados Formation 
Lossie Mouth Sandstone Formation 
Magnesian Conglomerate 
Marnes Irisees Superieures Formation 
Middle Stubensandstein 
Mpandi Formation 
Nam Phong Formation 
New Oxford Formation 
Obere Bunte Mergel 
Pekin Formation 
Quebrada del Barro Formation 
Rhaetic Beds 
Santa Maria Formation 
Tecovas Formation 
Trossingen Formation 
Westbury Formation
Santa Maria Formation 
Sanga do Cabral Formation 
Maleri Formation