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Re: Dinosaur formations and time.

<<Hello to all, I want to know all mesozoic formation and the age...please help me to complet the list:

Jagua Formation ... Oxfordian - Cuba>>

Without checking:

Hell Creek Formation ... Maastrichtian, USA
Lance Formation ... Maastrichtian, USA
Laramie Formation ... Maastrichtian,

Allen Formation ..., probabaly Campanian or Maastrichtian, Argentina

Nemegt Formation... Campanian, Mongolia

Barun Goyot Formation ... Campanian, Mongolia

Judith River Formation... Campanian, Montana

Kaiparowits Formation... Cretaceous (I've forgotten when!), Utah

Djadochta Formation ..., Campanian, Mongolia

Now I'm running out of time

Arundel Clay ... Lower Cretaceous, Maryland or somewhere in that area.

Hastings Beds ... Wealden, Lower Cretaceous, Hastings in Sussex, UK

Wealden Group ... Lower Cretaceous

Wessex Formation ... Isle of Wight, it's the local equivalent of the Wealden

Purbeck Beds ..., Dorest, UK, lowermost Cretaceous (I'm a Dorset fossil myself!)

Kimmeridge Clay , Dorset, UK, Kimmeridgian (below the Portlandian and, above that, the Purbeck beds)

Tendaguru Formation ... Tanzania, Kimmeridgian

Morrison Formation, various US States including Wyoming, age somewhat disputed, popularly cited as Kimmeridgian

Oxford Clay... Oxfordshire, UK, Oxfordian

Daohugou Beds ..., poorly resolved, assingnments include Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous, and all points inbetween, Inner Mongolia. China

Kayenta Formation ... Arizon, Lower Jurassic

Kota Formation ... India and poorly resolved, Lower Jurassic is popularly cited, but at least part is probably Middle Jurassic

Portland Formation ... Dorset, UK, Tithonian (directly beneath the Purbeckian

Time's up!