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Re: AW: Heterodontosaurid with protofeathers

At 00.41 19/03/2009, you wrote:
New Scientist has my take on the story


I talked with Alan Brush who says the "protofeathers" were hollow unbranched structures, just as he and Rick Prum had predicted the ancestral form would be. I'm no expert, but it's looking plausible that some kind of filamentary fuzz might have been primitive within archosaurs after the crocodiles split off. Or perhaps before; it could be that the fuzz was easy to lose.

Other than the protofeathers, it's very important even the presence of an heterodontosaurid in the Early Cretaceous. I remember that even Echinodon, from the Cretaceous of England, was considered an heterodontosaurid (honestly I don't know it's actual phylogenetic position)... And this can shed new light in the systematic position of the just restudied Stenopelyx... and maybe in a more strict appartenance of the heterodontosaurid into the Marginocephalian clade (only Psittacosaurus is known to have a similar structure in the tail)...
Wow! (as usually sorry for my bad English language!)


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