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Re: Heterodontosaurid with protofeathers

I agree, it's just ignorance. Respect is completely orthogonal to it. *Lazarussuchus* could have been deliberate, but that would surprise me (I mean, who knows the etymology of Lazarus...); it's much more likely a consequence of the fact that Latin isn't taught much in France. Philippe Taquet gave us *Lurdusaurus* and *Cristatusaurus* and, incidentally, insists that *Suchomimus* is a junior synonym of the latter; both should end in -osaurus rather than -usaurus.

Ablative "Confucius (as object of some prepositions)"

Also occurs without a preposition and then means "by means of" -- as in something being done or said "by Confucius".

[...] Spanish speakers (who ought to know about gender agreement) brought us _Panphagia protos_...

Russian speakers, who certainly know about gender agreement, brought us *Hesperornis rossica* -- where the species name agrees with the Russian word for "bird", which is feminine, instead of with the Greek one, the gender of which you AFAIK can't tell by just looking at it. (They didn't just use the Russian rule either though, under which almost everything that ends in a consonant is masculine. Ironically, that would have produced the right result in this case.)

The difference is that (Fake) Latin species names that are adjectives automatically have to agree with their genera according to the ICZN and are automatically amended, while all others, explicitly even Greek ones, must not change. So, we're stuck with the female all-eatery (or whatever the strange choice of -ia implies) that is the first male one.