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Shock non-Tianyulong thread on Tianyulong day

Hi folks,

Just a quickie: I need to get my hands on the the Averianov et al. Volgadraco 
paper, stat. My university can't access it's home at Springerlink and Chris 
Bennett's excellent online pterosaur library doesn't have it yet. So, I can 
offer temporary Best Friend Status to anyone who has a spare copy they can slip 
my way.

The full reference:

Averianov, A. O., Arkhangelsky, M. S. and Pervushov, E. M. 2008. A new late 
Cretaceous azhdarchid (Pterosauria, Azhdarchidae) from the Volga Region. 
Paleontological Journal, 42, 634-642.




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