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Re: Heterodontosaurid with protofeathers

Chris Taylor wrote:

> Mind you, the coiners of _Lazarussuchus_ may have wanted to
> avoid the point that "Lazarosuchus" could potentially have
> another interpretation - "leprous crocodile".

Yep, I think you're right here.  The name _Lazarussuchus_ is probably designed 
to emphasize that this is a 'Lazarus taxon'.  As you say, the alternative 
(Lazarosuchus), although properly formed, might have connotations of leprosy 
("Lazar's disease")!

> Confucius being a Latinisation of Kong Fuzi (or K'ung
> Fu-Tzu), perhaps it should even be "_kongi_"?

Yes.  The name _Confuciusornis_ may just reflect a lack of familiarity as to 
how Greek or Latin words should be joined.  The same lack of familiarity 
probably lies behind other nomenclatural eyesores such as _Aberratiodontus_ and 
_Gigantspinosaurus_ (also coined by Chinese-speakers).  These names look 
strange to me; but I was raised in an English-speaking country where words of 
Greek and Latin origin are commonplace.  On that score, there's no excuse for 
_Cristatusaurus_... :-)