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Re: Japan's largest single dinosaur fossil discovery made in Fukui

On 19-Mar-09, at 4:11 PM, Janet m vandenburgh wrote:

Paleontologists have discovered around 160 fossilized dinosaur bones,
believed to be about 120 million years old, in what experts say is the
largest-ever fossil find of a single dinosaur in Japan.

The bones are believed to be from the skeleton of a young Dromaeosaurus, a
carnivorous theropod measuring around 1.7 meters long, and were unearthed
from a layer of earth dating back to the Early Cretaceous period.

According to the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, the braincase and 90
percent of the right leg bones were found...

Sooo out of 160 bones, 90% of a leg and a braincase were recovered? Am I reading this wrong, or should "bones" be "fragments"?