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Australian multituberculate (was Race to New Papers Mountain)

Jerry D.Harris wrote:

> Rich, T.H., Vickers-Rich, P., Flannery, T.F., Kear, B.P., Cantrill, D.J.,
> Komarower, P., Kool, L., 
> Pickering, D., Trusler, P., Morton, S., van Klaveren, N., and Fitzgerald,
> E.M.G. 2009. An Australian 
> multituberculate and its palaeobiogeographic implications. Acta
> Palaeontologica Polonica 54(1):1-6.
> ABSTRACT: A dentary fragment containing a tiny left plagiaulacoid fourth
> lower premolar from the 
> Early Cretaceous (Aptian) of Victoria provides the first evidence of the
> Multituberculata from 
> Australia. This unique specimen represents a new genus and species,
> Corriebaatar marywaltersae, 
> and is placed in a new family, Corriebaataridae. The Australian fossil,
> together with meagre 
> records of multituberculates from South America, Africa, and Madagascar,
> reinforces the view that 
> Multituberculata had a cosmopolitan distribution during the Mesozoic, with
> dispersal into eastern 
> Gondwana probably occurring prior to enforcement of climatic barriers
> (indicated by marked 
> differentiation in regional floras) in the Early Cretaceous.

The paper is available free online:


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