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Re: a really big bite

Reply to John Hunt and Colin McHenry:

I am trying to get a paper out later this year, describing both pliosaur specimens.
They are unfortunately, like most other pliosaur skeletons, incomplete so we have tried to keep the length estimates conservative. Estimating size of a new animal based on incomplete material will, obviously, always be difficult when we know little or nothing about the animals body proportions (neck-length, skull-length etc.). Extrapolating from existing material is definitely not the best way go by it, but has been the only way for now. So if we do assume that this animal had similar proportions to /Pliosaurus/ then we are looking at an animal with a 3 meter skull! (Based on front paddle size and lower jaw parts).

More about the weight and bite force estimates will be revealed in the upcoming documentary on History Channel US. BBC has also bought it and will show it sometime during this year.

If you haven't read the full press release or been to our web pages, go to http://www.nhm.uio.no/pliosaurus/english/
Here you can read more about our fieldwork, what we have found and so on.


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