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Re: Pterosaur take-off visualization aid

I agree that bat running clips are fun to watch, but they don't address whether pterosaurs could run ( I personally think pterosaurs could at least canter, but haven't attempted to prove or disprove that speculation), and pterosaurs didn't need to run to launch anyway. Even the most heavily loaded of them had sufficient power in no-wind conditions to launch from stationary to steady-state stall speed by the time the hands left the ground (hands were the last thing to leave the ground). They can also do an assymetric turning launch by powering one hand off the ground slightly in advance of the other (convenient for predator avoidance). As an aside, pterosaur launch is not so vertically oriented as bat quadrupedal launch is.

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Subject: Pterosaur take-off visualization aid

I know bats are unlike pterosaurs in ever so many ways, but maybe they
slightly resemble them in limb proportions and comparative power of pectoral
versus pelvic musculature. Just as an aid to the imagination, not making
any claims that it proves anything... I think it's a fun clip to watch.

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