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Re: Pterosaur take-off visualization aid

Speaking of visualizing a pterosaur launch, this diagram recently
appeared in Popular Science...

Jim can probably comment on its accuracy, but it looks in line with
what I've read. Aside from the weirdly bat-like wing of course ;)

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 6:09 AM, jrc <jrccea@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I agree that bat running clips are fun to watch, but they don't address
> whether pterosaurs could run ( I personally think pterosaurs could at least
> canter, but haven't attempted to prove or disprove that speculation), and
> pterosaurs didn't need to run to launch anyway. ÂEven the most heavily
> loaded of them had sufficient power in no-wind conditions to launch from
> stationary to steady-state stall speed by the time the hands left the ground
> (hands were the last thing to leave the ground). ÂThey can also do an
> assymetric turning launch by powering one hand off the ground slightly in
> advance of the other (convenient for predator avoidance). ÂAs an aside,
> pterosaur launch is not so vertically oriented as bat quadrupedal launch is.
> JimC
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> Subject: Pterosaur take-off visualization aid
>>> I know bats are unlike pterosaurs in ever so many ways, but maybe they
>> slightly resemble them in limb proportions and comparative power of
>> pectoral
>> versus pelvic musculature. ÂJust as an aid to the imagination, not making
>> any claims that it proves anything... I think it's a fun clip to watch.
>> Allen Hazen
>> Philosophy (PASI)
>> University of Melbourne