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Re: Pterosaur take-off visualization aid

Either Mike Habib, John Conway, or I could comment, but basically we all agree that the hop, skip, and jump isn't necessary nor beneficial (though a lightly loaded animal could do it for the fun of it if he wished). The two main things I notice are that in the sketch series, the hindlimbs are not reoriented to flight position soon enough, so that in the sketches, the uropatagium isn't contributing to supporting the hindlimbs early in the launch. And secondly, the hindlimbs aren't shown as contributing to the phased power production in the launch cycle that would be required during launch of more heavily loaded pterosaurs. The sketch as shown, would make for a very inefficient but not impossible launch cycle.

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Speaking of visualizing a pterosaur launch, this diagram recently
appeared in Popular Science...

Jim can probably comment on its accuracy, but it looks in line with
what I've read. Aside from the weirdly bat-like wing of course ;)