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sort o' ot -- maybe some good news on extant dino's and towers

Perhaps adjusting the flash frequency could reduce fatalities even further...

"Communication towers, lights, and birds: successful methods of reducing the 
frequency of avian collisions" --

Joelle Gehring1,4, Paul Kerlinger2, Albert M. Manville II3
1Central Michigan University, Department of Biology, Mount Pleasant, Michigan 
48859 USA
2Curry & Kerlinger, LLC, P.O. Box 453, Cape May Point, New Jersey 08212 USA
3Division of Migratory Bird Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 
North Fairfax Drive, MBSP-4107, Arlington, Virginia 22203 USA

"[...] and multiple comparisons procedures determined that towers lit at night 
with only flashing lights were involved in significantly fewer avian fatalities 
than towers lit with systems that included [...} a combination of red, flashing 
lights and red, non-flashing lights. [...] Our results suggest that avian 
fatalities can be reduced, perhaps by 50â71%, at guyed communication towers 
by removing non-flashing/steady-burning red lights..."