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RE: Murphy to cop plea on federal charges

The Nate Murphy story is quite sad as it has left some serious damage in its
wake that will likely be felt by the paleo community for some time.  There
are a number of landowners of some rich fossil-bearing land in Montana whose
experience with Murphy will leave them wary of any researchers, regardless
of legitimacy.  At least two have decided to never let anyone on their land
again if they mention dinosaurs.  Black Hills Institute was, and continues
to be, extremely helpful to the real science of the Leonardo project and was
completely blindsided by Murphy's very intricate web of deceptions, as were
many people.  Most severely affected by Murphy are the people of Malta,
Montana from whom he stole more that what appears in the court documents.
There are a number of scientists who gave a great deal of their time and
energy to the project and who should be recognized.  Jeff Hecht writes that
Murphy did some respectable work on Leonardo.  What many don't realize is
that Murphy took credit for work done by others who may never get their due
as Murphy had a habit of pushing people out of the project after he was able
to glean some of their insight and, in many cases, make it his own.  One of
the real mysteries is where Murphy did get the knowledge he possessed.  As
the story of his life as he told many people was a fabrication, does anyone
have any knowledge of his being in paleo prior to 1991?

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We all have an understandable tendency to trust people whom we have worked
with before or who have been doing reputable-seeming work. Murphy had done
respectable work with the Leonardo hadrosaur mummy, and had been involved
with a museum for many years. He had seemed legitimate before; do you
question somebody every time you work with them? They got blindsided. 

At 7:04 AM -0400 3/20/09, MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
>The company that was going to make the molds and  casts was the Black Hills

>Institute of Geological  Research.
>In a message dated 3/20/2009 2:06:16 A.M. Eastern  Daylight Time, 
>drakeducaine@yahoo.com writes:
>< Who or what company  made those molds? Technically Mary's right, for 
>everyone to have their butts  covered the molding/casting operation should
be asking 
>questions. However, there  are a lot of businesses out there that cater to 
>molding and casting for artists,  garage model kits, etc., rather than the 
>sciences and more specifically fossils.  In this case these businesses
might not 
>have the knowledge to ID a species  beyond what the client tells them it
is, or 
>even know to get proper  documentation for the specimen and sort out issues

>such as casting and  reproduction rights. I've seen artists have their work

>reproduced without  permission and sold for profit by a third party..
>doesn't make it  right (or LEGAL), but unfortunately it happens!
>the businesses that  specialize in paleo-replicas (at least here in North 
>America) are well known and  can be judged by the paleo community for the
quality of 
>their work in all  aspects.>

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