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Re: New JVP

I am a JVP subscriber and usually I get the print articles months later of the PDFs being released online. This because I live in Europe, as many other SVP members. What should we say about your funny USA problem of receiving the hard copy before the online availability of the articles?

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Subject: Re: New JVP

The exact opposite arguments were being made maybe a year ago: it was felt that subscribers to JVP should get the print articles ahead of the PDFs being released online.

I suppose you could say that the best system is when both are made available at exactly the same time, but at least under the print-first system, real members get priority.

This said, I know at least one person (in the US) yet to receive their print copy.


Denver Fowler

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Subject: New JVP

When will the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology be available
online? I received my print copy over a week ago, but I've been
waiting to check out some of the on-line supplementary material.
What's the point in releasing the print copy so far ahead if the
electronic supplementary material won't be available then?


Nick Gardner
Undergraduate, MU



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