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Re: ... Guiyu will revitalize the "long stagnant research tracing the very basal root of vertebrates"

The recent discovery in China of an unusually intact and ancient fossil
fish, the distant ancestor of about 99.7 percent of today's living
vertebrates including human beings

Nope. *Guiyu* is a sarcopterygian. That alone reduces the percentage by more than half.

Furthermore, it's not an ancestor of anything known. It comes out as...

 |--*Ligulalepis* (strangely enough)
       |  `--+--*Psarolepis*
       |     `--*Achoania*
       `--crown-group of Sarcopterygii
            |  `--*Miguashaia* (Actinistia)
            `--+--*Styloichthys* (also recently found in Actinistia)
               `--+--*Kenichthys* (Tetrapodomorpha)

At least five ghost lineages of Osteichthyes now extend at least into the second-to-last stage of the Silurian, the middle of which *Guiyu* is from.