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My previous post in the same discussion

With links to pictures.

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Spinosaurs seem to had been efficient terrestrial predators, or at
least scavengers, according to the the pterosaur and iguan[o!]dont

Why "efficient"? That's not something we can tell from a sample size of 2.

And some like Spinosaurs were a bit too big to feed just on fish.

There were insanely large coelacanths and lungfish in those days. *Mawsonia*
got to over 3 m, and *Neoceratodus africanus*... there's a JVP paper I'll
have to check on Monday... the illustration at the end of
http://www.cprm.gov.br/publique/media/Cap14_15.pdf may well be to scale.

Also interesting:

And *Purussaurus* coexisted with *Lepidosiren megalos*, which was 2 m long
instead of the 0.5 of *L. paradoxa*. The toothplates of that beast were 4 cm
long. http://www.sbpbrasil.org/revista/edicoes/8_1/toledo&bertini.pdf