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Re: Size of *Neoceratodus africanus* and/or *N. tuberculatus*

"If, as a biped, you spend a lot of time catching fish, specifically
exploiting fluvial systems w/ lot of shallow water and fluctuating
water levels, you will be competing w/ crocs, or just trying to stay
off _their_ menu. Especially around those drying pools w/ the trapped
fish. Reason enough to attain large size, as well as maintain a high
degree of terrestrial competence."

*recalls Sarcosuchus*

Good point.

"---> AFAIK *Spinosaurus* did not live in a habitat with seasons. The weather
> wasn't the same all year round, but the storms were convective, not a
> monsoon or something. The idea is that it was _so_ hot in and around the
> Cenomanian that the intertropical convergence zone became too broad to
> function the way it does today. There was a paper in Cretaceous Research in,
> I think, 2001 that I have extensively quoted onlist.

Cool. What's the name of the paper? Did you mention it in this
discussion already?