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Acta Geologica Sinica paper requests

OK, so I *have* to find a better way toÂlocate these older (pre-2009)
Acta Geologica Sinica papers at some point, but at the moment there
are only a couple that I need. Anyone have these in PDF form?

Yuan, C. 2008. A new genus and species of Sapeornithidae from Lower
Cretaceous in western Liaoning, China. Acta Geologica Sinica 82(1):48-55.

Li, J., Li, Z., Zhang, Y., Zhou, Z., Bai, Z., Zhang, L. and Ba, T.
(2008). "A new species of Cathayornis from the Lower Cretaceous of
Inner Mongolia, China and its stratigraphic significance." Acta
Geologica Sinica, 82(6): 1115-1123.

Many thanks in advance!

Roger Close
PhD Candidate, Avian Palaeobiology and Functional Morphology
School of Geosciences
Monash University
Clayton 3800
Victoria, Australia

email: roger.close@sci.monash.edu
phone: +61423 131 176