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Cetiosaurus type species -- ICZN petition

Dear dinosaur workers (and other vertebrate palaeontologists),

A few years back, Upchurch and Martin (2003: 215) outlined the
taxonomic mess surrounding the historically important sauropod
Cetiosaurus, and promised to submit a petition to the ICZN to conserve
the widespread usage of that name based on the well-known type species
Cetiosaurus oxoniensis (as opposed to the relatively poorly
represented C. medius or C. brevis).

That petition is published today (Upchurch et al. 2009), and is
available as a PDF at:

The Commission solicits comments, which they will take into account in
deciding whether to follow our recommendation and set aside strict
priority in this case, in order to promote stability of meaning in the
literature.  If you have an opinion one way or the other, please send
it to the Executive Secretary, I.C.Z.N., c/o Natural History Museum,
Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, U.K. (e-mail: iczn@nhm.ac.uk).
Examples of previous published comments can be seen here:


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Upchurch, Paul and John Martin.  2003.  The Anatomy and Taxonomy of
Cetiosaurus (Saurischia, Suaropoda) from the Middle Jurassic of
England.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 23 (1): 208-231.

Upchurch, Paul, John Martin, and Michael P. Taylor.  2009.  Case 3472:
Cetiosaurus Owen, 1841 (Dinosauria, Sauropoda): proposed conservation
of usage by designation of Cetiosaurus oxoniensis Phillips, 1871 as
the type species.  Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 66 (1): 51-55.