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Re: Congratulations, DOCTOR Colin McHenry

Thanks, Tim, and thanks to all who sent their good wishes. It is very, very nice to be finished.

I'd also like to echo Mike's comments about the value of this list - the DML got a mention in my acknowledgements section as well. Over the years it has served as a resource, a means of maintaining connections and combating the tyranny of distance, and as an inspiration. My heartfelt thanks to all of those who I have met over this list and who have so willingly given their help, and a big nod to the list owners for their hard work.


Tim Williams wrote:
Must be something in the air... although I guess that particular air would have 
to travel a long way.

Congratulations to the newly minted Dr Colin McHenry of the University of 
Newcastle.  That's Newcastle, Australia - a very nice spot north of Sydney, if 
you like quiet beaches (and lots of them), and kangaroos hopping across campus 
in the wee hours.

There's some great biomechanics work coming out of that team too.  Not that I'm 
biased, of course...



Colin McHenry
Computational Biomechanics Research Group http://www.compbiomech.com/
School of Engineering (Mech Eng)
University of Newcastle
NSW 2308

t: +61 2 4921 8879