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Environmental information

Dear List,

I'm an artist starving for information.  I have been trying to scour whatever 
sources I can access (mostly the DML and Google Scholar) to find data of 
dinosaur species and associated flora and ecosystems.  While I have had limited 
success with major paleoecosystems like the Judith River, I could definitely 
use some advice on how to find other data. 

Right now, for example, in trying to restore Dacentrurus in its environs, all I 
can find is a DML post discussing a stegosaur footprint made inwhat was a 
"delta" near where Dacentrurus remains have been found.  Am I not looking hard 
enough or in the right places?  How should I restore said delta?

If any one has input, I'd love it.  Thanks for the help!

- Demetrios Vital

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Congratulations to Dr. Sterling Nesbitt:

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