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Re: Vulture warm up

Couldn't be that they are just strechting muscles after a period of immobility, 
just like cats and dogs do when they wake up?
Luis Oscar Romero, lor@fibertel.com.ar 
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Subject: Re: Vulture warm up 

No, I don't think we can make that assumption -- according to the photos,  
they are also doing it on cloudy days without much radiant heat input  
available to them. Perhaps they are doing it to cool off ? After all,  
folded wings do make pretty good insulators and can trap a lot of body  
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Subject: Vulture warm up 

> Listers -- 
> Here are some very nifty pix taken very recently by a friend of a friend 
> in Fort Collins, Colorado. 
> http://picasaweb.google.com/heidemom/Vultures?authkey=Gv1sRgCNuQpdaq8qHu6wE&feat=directlink
> They were taken in the morning, so can we assume the birds had their wings 
> spread to warm up? If this is so, what does it say about a vulture's 
> ability to regulate its body temp? (I don't think many other types of 
> birds engage in this behavior.) Does this behavior (the urge -- or need -- 
> to warm up in the sun) say anything about your typical Mesozoic theropod? 
> Or are vultures a special case due to their scavenging habits (especially 
> low metabolism, maybe???)? 
> -- Donna Braginetz