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Re: Vulture warm up

I heard of cuculiforms erecting their scarce body plumage to receive
sun rays. Here on Argentina, that is said of the cuculid Guira guira;
I heard somewhere something like that of the roadrunner.

May this just be an ancestral behavior, like that of crocodiles and
lizards? (is then basking a diapsid apomorphy?) I ignore if many of
the most basal birds bask, and if the most basal lepidosauromorphs
bask (unlikely in Sphenodon). If it comes out to be that these three
living diapsid groups (birds, lepidosauromorphs and crocodiles)
primitively bask, it may mean dinosaurs can be more parsimoniously
considered as baskers also. This may have implicances for all the
hypothesized thermoregulatory properties dinosaur of dorsal sails and
stegosaur plates, I guess.

I suppose a tachymetabolic endothermic animal may well receive
sunshine as a crocodile, for the activity of many endotherms happens
exposed to sunshine. Thus, retaining the primitive basking behavior
would not imply a great physiological problems for endotherms. At
least some endotherms may lower they metabolism some times.