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Last word on vultures?


Here is the original message accompanying the vulture photos (I didn't see
it a few days ago because it arrived as an attachment).

> Check out these amazing Turkey Vultures that were
> roosting in the trees near our house. It was a
> foggy morning and as the sun broke through the
> clouds, they all one by one turned their backs to
> the sun and opened their wings. It was a beautiful,
> extraordinary miracle to witness. You can check out
> more information if you would like at
> http://vulturesociety.homestead.com/TVFacts.html
> Enjoy the pictures, because I sure enjoyed taking them.

The website she mentions is a general information site about vultures. You
may note that they link new world vultures with storks and ibises and they
use the term "horaltic pose." A few of you may want to have conversations
with the site owners and share your more updated information.