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Re: Jim Jensen's Supertruck for sale

On Sat, 9 May 2009, Dan Chure wrote:

Forwarded to DML at request of Rod Scheetz.


Subject: "Supertruck" for sale Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 11:58:47 -0400 From: rodpaleo@aol.com Reply-To: VRTPALEO@usc.edu To: vrtpaleo@usc.edu

Jim's Jensen's classic "Supertruck" is being surplused. The bed, with winch and boom and crows nest, has been mounted on several generations of trucks, but is now being retired. It has loaded and hauled many tons of Jurassic sauropods over the last 30+ years. If you are in the market for a paleontological classic go to: http://surplus.byu.edu/

Hatari anyone?