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Dino eggs & babies -abstracts & registration reminder -15th May

Posted on behalf of the Dinosaur eggs & babies committee:

Registration and abstract deadlines for the 4th Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and 
Babies are fast approaching.


Details are below.
If you have questions about registrations and abstract submittal, please feel 
free to contact me at djv@montana.edu.
Hope to see you there.
David J. Varricchio
Department of Earth Sciences
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717
work 406-994-6907
home 406-585-0689
fax 406-994-6923


AUGUST 8-10, 2009
Host Committee:
David Varricchio
Committee Chair,
Department of Earth Sciences,
Montana State University

John R. Horner
Museum of the Rockies,
Montana State University

Frankie Jackson
Department of Earth Sciences,
Montana State University

Darla Zelenitsky
Department of Geoscience,
University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
The Fourth International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies will convene in 
Bozeman, Montana August 8 â 10, 2009.  Montana State University is located in 
south central Montana near the Bridger, Gallatin, and Madison mountain ranges 
and an hour and a half drive from Yellowstone National Park (see 
http://www.bozemanchamber.com/).  Weather in Bozeman in August is warm, sunny 
and dry.  Average high and low temperatures are 22 C and 6 C.  The Museum of 
the Rockies, located on the MSU campus, has a large collection of Mesozoic 
specimens, including Late Cretaceous dinosaur eggs, nests and embryos, in 
addition to an outstanding collection of dinosaur remains.
Registration & Abstract Submission
    To register for the conference, please read the information below and then 
fill out and mail in the separate registration form.  Abstract submissions will 
be done electronically following the instructions on the separate abstract 
submission form.

Sunday, August 9 and Monday, August 10 - Symposium talks and poster sessions.
Monday, August 10 (evening) - Conference banquet, keynote lecture (Jack Horner).
Technical Program
Presentations at previous Dinosaur Eggs and Babies meetings have included 
dinosaur egg localities, specimen descriptions, field and laboratory methods, 
biostratigraphy of eggshell, preservation and experimental taphonomy, egg 
classification and ootaxonomy, eggshell microstructure and function, 
geochemical signatures of diet and diagenesis, embryos and growth, reproductive 
behavior, phylogenetics of eggshell and reproductive traits, and the origins of 
avian reproduction. The 4th Symposium welcomes papers on these or any other 
topic related to dinosaur reproduction, eggs and young.  The technical program 
will accommodate both oral presentations and posters.  Abstract submissions are 
due by May 15th, 2009 and are limited to 300 words.  See separate abstract 
submission form. For those interested, we will publish a symposium volume in a 
special issue of Historical Biology.  Because of the tight publication 
schedule, adherence to the following time line for
 participation will be strictly enforced.
May 15, 2009 - abstract for symposium and/or volume (300 word limit)
Oct. 1, 2009 - deadline of submission of full article
Mar. 1, 2010 - deadline for review and revisions
August 2010 - projected publication
Field Trips
Pre-meeting YELLOWSTONE TRIP: August 6 and 7
Join MSU geologist Dr. Jim Schmitt on a one and a half day field trip to 
Yellowstone National Park.  An hour and a half drive from Bozeman, the 
Yellowstone Volcanic Center represents the largest explosive continental 
volcanic center on Earth, providing a variety of geothermal features and 
outstanding opportunities for viewing wildlife. Price includes park fee, 
transportation, lodging, breakfast and lunch.
Price - $185.  See meeting registration form.
Post-meeting EGG MOUNTAIN TRIP: August 11 and 12
Two days, one night field trip to Egg Mountain locality in the Late Cretaceous 
Two Medicine Formation of western Montana with overnight stay in Choteau.  Day 
1 includes tour of the Egg Mountain localities.  Day 2 will be spent visiting 
additional Two Medicine localities and the East Front of the Rocky Mountains.
Price - $155 and includes all meals, transportation and lodging.
See meeting registration form.
Dormitory rooms are available on campus during the conference from Aug 7 â 
10, with checkout on Aug. 11.  Dorm rooms will costs $26/night (single 
occupancy) or $21/night (double occupancy).  These rooms do not have a private 
bathroom. See meeting registration form to reserve a room.  Alternatively, 
several motels (in addition to restaurants, bars and shopping) are located in 
the downtown area, approximately 30 minutes walking distance from campus and 
the museum.  If renting a car, other motels are located near the freeway, 
approximately 4 miles or 15 minutes driving distance.  Due to closure of the 
dorms Aug. 11, participants in the post-meeting field trip will need to arrange 
alternative accommodations for their return to Bozeman.  Excess luggage, 
however, may be stored during the field tri
an offers very limited taxi service (i.e. 3 vehicles); therefore, a list of 
hotels with and without airport shuttles is included.  We recommend that if
 you are not staying in the dormitory or don't enjoy walking, you may want to 
rent a car or stay at the Grandtree Inn.

The following motels also offer airport shuttle but are not within walking 
distance of the museum or campus.  In addition, public bus transportation to 
campus is not available on weekends.
Best Western Grandtree Inn â 1-800-624-5865  (http://www.grantreeinn.com)
Please Note: The Best Western Grandtree Inn is offering a discount rate for 
conference attendees of $109.00. + tax for August 7-12th.  The Grandtree also 
has free wireless internet-access and free 24-hour airport shuttle service.  If 
you are interested in staying here please contact Mary Kay at 
mkminor@montana.com and indicate in your email that you are participating in 
the Dinosaur Eggs and Babies conference.  If sufficient numbers of participants 
stay at this motel, they are willing to provide transportation from the motel 
to the conference.
Wingate â 1 866-910-4995 222 (www.wingatebozeman.com)
Hampton Inn â 1-800 HAMPTON  (www.hampton.inn.com)
Hilton Garden Inn â 1-406 582-9900  (www.bozeman.stayhgi.com)
Other Motels/ Bed & Breakfast within 30 min walking distance of the museum and 
campus but without airport shuttle service.
City Center Motor Inn â 1 (406) 587-3158.
Lewis & Clark Motel of Bozeman â 1 (406) 586--3341
Imperial Inn â 1 (800) 880-2383; 1 (406) 586-3354
Voss Inn Bed and Breakfast â 1 (406) 587-0982
The host committee welcomes your comments and suggestions and we are looking 
forward to the 4th International Symposium on Dinosaur Eggs and Babies in 
David J. Varricchio
Department of Earth Sciences
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717

work 406-994-6907
home 406-585-0689
fax 406-994-6923