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Jurassic of Russia Library of PDF Files of Publications

There is an online library that contains a long listing of publication about
the geology and paleontology of Jurassic strata in Russia and adjacent
areas. It can be found at:


One of the publications is:

Dibner V.D. (Ed.) (1998) Geology of Franz-Josef Land. Meddelelser 
Norsk Polarinstitutt. Nr.146. 190 p., Oslo

For example, the online library has a 22 MB PDF file of it at:


This publication mentions the occurrence of a âsaurian skeletonâ and 
vertebraâ in measured sections of Jurassic rocks of the Franz-Josef Land on 
pages 55 and 58. A plesiosaur skeleton that was found in Franz-Josef Land
is discussed on page 63.

The online library is part of the Jurassic of Russia web page at:




Paul V. Heinrich
Baton Rouge, LA