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Re: Prolacertiformes and Protorosauria

David Marjanovic writes:
 > > I understand that Protorosauria has precedence over
 > > Prolacertiformes.
 > That's not how it works. In the ICZN, precedence does not apply
 > above the family group of ranks; the PhyloCode still isn't
 > implemented and won't be retroactive. So, do what you want.

True.  But it's still at least _polite_ to follow priority of clade
definitions in the absence of a compelling reason not to.  David's
question is a good one.

See page 4 of that classic paper:

        Taylor, Michael P. 2007. Phylogenetic definitions in the
        pre-PhyloCode era; implications for naming clades under the
        PhyloCode. PaleoBios 27 (1): 1-6.

Freely available at:

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