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Re: Prolacertiformes and Protorosauria

David Marjanovic a écrit :
> That's not how it works. In the ICZN, precedence does not apply
> above the family group of ranks; the PhyloCode still isn't
> implemented and won't be retroactive. So, do what you want.

True.  But it's still at least _polite_ to follow priority of clade
definitions in the absence of a compelling reason not to.

Yes. I should have added "but think long and hard about what you really want".

For example, it's not even clear whether *Prolacerta* and *Protorosaurus* form a clade that excludes the archosaurs...
You're right David. A redescription of Protorosaurus by Annalisa Gottman-Quesada and Martin Sander was published a few months ago in Palaeontolographica A. In their phylogenetic analysis:
- The so-called 'Protorosauria' or 'Prolacertiformes' in the classical sense are polyphyletic
- All 'protorosaurs'/'prolacertiforms' are archosauromorphs
- Protorosaurus and Megalancosaurus form a clade (Protorosauria)
- Tanystropheus and Macrocnemus form a clade (Tanystropheidae)
- Pamelaria is the sister-group of (Prolacerta + Archosauriformes)
- Prolacerta is the sister-group of Archosauriformes

 |  |__Squamata
   |   |____Protorosaurus
    |   |_____Macrocnemus
     |   |_______Mesosuchus
     |     |______Rhynchosaurus

If Megalancosaurus is deleted from the analysis, Protorosaurus and Tanystropheidae form a trichotomy with (Pamelaria (Prolacerta + Archosauriformes)). Now it would be interesting to include other avicephalans (Coelurosauravus, Longisquama, Drepanosaurus, Hypuronector, Dolabrosaurus, ...) and also pterosaurs (but in this case, other archosaurs would be necessary).

Gottman-Quesada A. & P. M. Sander. 2009. A redescription of the early archosauromorph Protorosaurus speneri Meyer, 1832, and its phylogenetic relationships. Palaeontolographica Abteilung A: Paläozoologie - Stratigraphie 287 (4-6): 123-221, 30 figures, 4 tables.

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