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Re: Pneumaticity in Triassic pterosaurs

Interesting that they didn't even test the other option.

You are sadly mistaken about the "even" part, and therefore about the "interesting" one, too.

Making a reasonably complete phylogenetic analysis of Archosauromorpha -- no, of the diapsid crown-group, because you say pterosaurs are lepidosauromorphs -- no, of Diapsida as a whole, because the contents of the crown-group are very uncertain; not only do the euryapsids and the ichthyosaurs jump in and out all the time, so do others according to a couple of talks at last year's SVP meeting -- no, of _Amniota_ as a whole, because the turtles jump in and out of Diapsida, is not something you can whip together in an afternoon, or even in three months. It's enough work for a large chapter in a PhD thesis (...mine, to be exact).

I've been telling you this for years now. The funny thing is, you never even voiced any explicit disagreement; you never wrote "you're wrong, it actually is easy"; you just shut up, and then a few weeks or months later you simply act again as if phylogenetics were like playing Minesweeper.