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Re: Prolacertiformes and Protorosauria

Once again, if sister taxa don't bear a family resemblance, you have to doubt 
the results.

Gottman-Quesada A. & P. M. Sander. 2009. A redescription of the early 
archosauromorph Protorosaurus speneri Meyer, 1832, and its phylogenetic 
relationships. Palaeontolographica Abteilung A: Paläozoologie - Stratigraphie 
287 (4-6): 123-221, 30 figures, 4 tables.


 |  |__Squamata

   |   |____Protorosaurus*

    |   |_____Macrocnemus

     |   |_______Mesosuchus
     |     |______Rhynchosaurus



I added breaks at nodes that did either had closer excluded sisters or just 
plain did not make sense. Without an overall understanding of amniote 
relations, studies such as this one, undertaking such a huge gamut with too few 
real sisters will bear little real results. 

David Peters