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RE: Pneumaticity in Triassic pterosaurs OFFLIST

> Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 15:15:16 -0700
> From: davidpeters@att.net
> To: keenir@hotmail.com
> CC: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: RE: Pneumaticity in Triassic pterosaurs OFFLIST

>>> Third, if a given matrix and its scores deliver a
>> single MPT in which all sister taxa are similar in size,
>> shape, niche and chronology, isn't that a good result?
>> I know I'd be suspicious - look at bats.
> Always be suspicious. Go back to MacClade and look for problems. 

 Are you suggesting that Anne MacClade isn't pretty?


>> or, to bring this back to dinosaurs, aren't
>> therizinosaurs most similar in size, shape, and niche to the
>> prosauropods?
> We're also talking every last bone and every last shape of every last bone.

 holy cripes, it has a backbone!  with that flat thing sticking up from each 
bone in the backbone!

(translation: if you're trying to tell the difference between two raptors, you 
probably don't care about the similarities)

>>>>> I can show you the path of most parsimony if
>>>> you're interested.
>>>> Erm, PAUP* will do that... :-)
>>> By that I meant, if you are accidentally excluding any
>> pertinent taxa, you should be told.
>> I know there's a difference between not being aware of
>> excluding taxa, and not listening when it comes to excluding
>> taxa....there's a way to distinguish the two, yes?
> To each his own.

 er, I was referring to you; basing my statement upon that which others - far 
wiser than I - have attempted to point out to you.

>>>> - For the probably twentieth time, the vertebrate
>> fossil
>>>> record -- let alone our knowledge of it!!! --
>> simply
>>>> isn't complete enough that we could expect to
>> do what
>>>> the Unnameable Ones ask us to do (to present them
>> a complete
>>>> series of transitional fossils documenting each
>> and every
>>>> speciation-or-whatever between two arbitrary
>> endpoints).
>>> Respectfully, that's an opinion, David. If I can
>> do it, you can too.
>> I can misspell the names of most prehistoric taxa. does
>> that mean you should too?
>> :D
> I won't be able to reply any more, Anthony, as you're making a joke of this.

 well,  you already replied  (both here and completely missing the point to my 
Desmostylian post)...but besides, I *have to* make a joke of it, otherwise I'll 
weep at how you're missing the point others are making.

>>> Also, when you say 'complete series' I hope
>> you don't mean every mother's son. What I'm
>> saying is you'll be able to line them up like the famous
>> Australopithecus to Homo sapiens march.
>> really?
>> and here I thought evolutionary history was more
>> bush-shaped than ladder-shaped.
> Indeed, when you look at the whole picture. But from bacteria to you there is 
> indeed a ladder of parent and child excluding uncles and siblings.

 great.  when are you going to name all the parents and children who aren't 
already named?

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