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Re: Copy[RIGHT] and ethics: redrawing

Stephen V. Cole wrote:

> If the original artist fancifully painted his dino
> with a full set of tiger stripes, doing so on your
> dino (instead of using your own color scheme) might
> get you in trouble.

I've deleted the earlier posts so I can't double check, but I think the
original question dealt with skeletal drawings, which seem to be in their
own special category regarding copyright and fair use. Doing a skeletal
from scratch must represent a fair amount of work and knowledge. There
aren't many out there so it's tempting to crib from them... and for
non-scientist illustrators working on a commercial project, there may seem
to be no other solution.

> I would think that ethics should trump the law.
> Ask nicely if you can possibly find a way to do
> that.

I'm so glad you've brought this up. I know I've been an offender in the
past, and would love to see the ground rules clarified because, to date,
the situation has been fuzzy.

So far, Scott Hartman has offered a professional opinion (he has produced
a large portfolio of skeletals). I await word from Greg Paul.

-- Donna Braginetz