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Re: Darwin's young dead pet from Messel

David Marjanovic a écrit :
Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Unfortunately, one of the stunning things about it is that there is no phylogenetic analysis. Grand pronouncements about the total uprooting of Paleogene primate phylogeny, yes, but no analysis. Just a few characters optimized on a tree with three (!) taxa, one of which is *Darwinius*.
Of course, this is quite surprising given the age and systematic position of this animal that they did not provided a detailed analyses of euprimates interrelationships. I am pretty sure it was submitted to Plos One because it is quickly published fastly. Well, we can give them credits for providing a rather detailed anatomical description, with a bit of morphometrical and paleobiological informations on Darwinius.

Does PLoS ONE "deposit at least 100 identical and durable copies in public libraries on at least five continents"? If not, the name *Darwinius masillae* does not exist according to the ICZN...

Yeah, and that was the same problem with Maiacetus a few months ago (in the same journal).