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Chanaresuchus palate question

The palate of Chanaresuchus includes two pairs of choanae. The posterior set is separated by vomers. The premaxillary/vomer suture is between the two. Is the anterior set properly considered a vomernasal? Or something else?

Romer, A. S. (1971). The Chañares (Argentina) Triassic reptile fauna. XI. Two new long-snouted thecodonts, Chanaresuchus and Gualosuchus. Breviora 379:1-22.

A seemingly derived and smaller sister taxon, Tropidosuchus (Arcucci 1990) seems to have returned to the standard pattern with the premaxillary/vomer suture at mid choanae, but the vomers are much enlarged and the pterygoids much reduced and only adding to the mystery of the palate here.

David Peters