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Re: Darwin's young dead pet from Messel

Not only does the PhyloCode not compete with the ICZN
(and ICBN), it DEPENDS on it -- because it needs species
to use as the specifiers in clade definitions

This is not always correct: you can use a specimen directly as a specifier, provided it doesn't belong to an already named species (...translation: provided you can get away with claiming that it doesn't).

Given the fact that most of the 146-upwards species concepts are not applicable to small samples of fossils, I intend to make use of this provision if I'll ever get into that situation.

There are already several ICZN-invalid names for small taxa out there that nobody bothers to get upset about. I'm talking about all those things that look like binominals but are followed by "new taxon" in the original description, in the complete absence of anything similar to "new genus and species". IIRC, most or all of the names coined by Julia Clarke and coauthors are such cases.