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Re: Chanaresuchus palate question

I forgot to check if we have the paper in the lab... tomorrow maybe...

I suppose the rostral pair of "choanae" may be something more similar
to the foramen incisivum of crocodiles (Iordansky, 1973, The Skull of
the Crocodilia, in Biology of the Reptilia vol 4). It may not have to
do with the vomeronasal organ, which is not developed in adult
archosaurs as far as I can remember.

Such foramina are also present in lots of mammals in the secondary palate.

Big gaping fenestrae between the vomera, likewise covered by mucosa in the living animal, can be found in many lissamphibians...

Here you have two photos of the holotype, ULR 05
(sorry the lack of expertise with photos).

(Not that it matters, but it's not possible to send attachments to the list.)