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RE: 100 years of Tyrannosaurus rex...

> Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 23:04:13 -0700
> From: xrciseguy@q.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: 100 years of Tyrannosaurus rex...
>>From Darren Naish's blog:
> http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2009/05/100_years_of_tyrannosaurus_rex.php?utm_source=nytwidget
> I have a copy of this book... IMHO,it's one of the better academic dinosaur 
> books I've read recently...

Some aspects are better than others, IMO. Darren and I converged on many of the 
same opinions for the book - see my review in the latest issue of 
Palaeontologia Electronica:



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