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Re: Darwin's young dead pet from Messel

I've been looking at a photo I've got of an earlier primate find from Messel; a pelvis with rear legs of a male. In contrast to /Darwinius/ it has the expected grooming claw on the second toe of the foot. That's set me wondering about the added parts of the doctored B-plate in the new publication. That's the plate that found its way to some private museum in Wyoming by some means or other.

Apart from seeming to be a bit big, it looks like a heck of a good impersonation of the foot of the A-plate. Admittedly, the big toe looks too thin, but that could conceivably be due to a somewhat different angle. I can't see any sign of a grooming claw.

Whoever did those "improvements" had some interesting odds and ends available, which presumably came from Messel.