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Re: Theft of dinosaur bones from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Sorry if i upset anyone with my not-too-well-considered post
earlier today.



Man. I've seen better notpologies from highly reviled politicians. Over half an hour before, Julia made very clear she's very offended, and then you write "if" and "anyone"? Is denial just a river in Egypt? Will you next claim the evil media misquoted you?

We could do an interesting study from this, though. We could
tally how many people replied [negatively] to the post,
divide by the total number of subscribers to the DML, and
find out what percentage of the general population doesn't
have a sense of humor.

Category mistake.

It did make me smile a bit, but then, you see, I'm also capable of laughing at North Korea. (You know, the place where Kim Il-sung, although dead, is _still_ the president. The only communist with an afterlife! The public brainwashing there likewise regularly reaches hilarious proportions, for example the incredibly pompous museum where they exhibit paid ads in obscure newspapers from all over the world as proof of how much praise NK gets in the world.) That I can laugh at something does not mean it's anywhere near harmless.

I can't imagine that you can't see that your "joke" contains the exact same "logic" as racism: the failure to understand what an individual is.