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Re: latin for directions

Richard W. Travsky wrote:

> I'm trying to find out what are the Latin words for the following
> directions: Northeast(ern), southeast(ern), and southwest(ern)? I 
> already know that Caurinus is northwest(ern).
> Men. Asking for directions. Just stop and ask someone.

Back in those days directions weren't needed: All roads led to Rome.

In a similar vein (so to speak), Adrienne Mayor wrote:

> I asked because I'm studying ancient recipes for King Mithridates' 
> celebrated "universal antidote" against all poisons, created in about 
> 90 BC.

Apparently (and ironically) this "universal antidote" had rendered Mithridates 
so immune to poisons that he was unable to commit suicide by taking poison when 
defeated by the Romans in 63 BC.  He had to have one of his bodyguards run him 
through with a sword to avoid being taken captive.  Like many stories hailing 
from the time, this account could be apocryphal, and the "universal antidote" 
just a myth.  It's a good story though...